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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Aug-1988ALTERNARIA LEAF SPOT OF COTTON - A REVIEWAllen, Stephen; West, Karyl-Lee
13-Aug-2002Are our farming systems ruining soil healthAllen, Stephen
16-Aug-1996Bacterial stunt of cotton: a balance between beneficial and harmful soil microbesBrown, J.F.; Allen, Stephen; Nehl, D.B.
14-Aug-1998Biocontrol of Cotton DiseasesAllen, Stephen; Barker, Kelly; Putcha, Subbu
16-Aug-1996Biological Control Of Cotton DiseasesPutcha, Subbu; Allen, Stephen
16-Aug-2000Biological Control of Fusarium wilt of cotton Scope and prospectsTingay, Sonia; Allen, Stephen; Putcha, Subba
13-Aug-2002Cotton Diseases: Threats and Emerging ThreatsAllen, Stephen; Nehl, David
13-Aug-2002The CSIRO Fusarium Breeding ProgramMcNamara, Greg; Allen, Stephen; Warwick, Stiller; Constable, Greg; Reid, Peter
10-Aug-2006Developing Bion as a Seed Treatment for Black Root Rot in CottonDriessen, Susanna; Nehl, David; Allen, Stephen
12-Aug-2004Diseases - National UpdateAllen, Stephen
12-Oct-2010Diseases of Cotton IXAllen, Stephen; Lonergan, Peter; Anderson, Chris
10-Aug-2006Diseases UpdateAllen, Stephen
12-Aug-2004Do Cotton Pathogens indicate poor soil healthΓAllen, Stephen; Nehl, D
12-Aug-2004Do Long Fallows Decrease mycorrhizas in CottonΓLonergan, P; Mondal, A; Allen, Stephen; Nehl, D
12-Aug-2004Factors affecting the severity of Fusarium wilt: environmental aspects of the diseaseAllen, Stephen; Nehl, David; Anderson, Chris
7-Jun-2011Fusarium wilt update June 2011Kirkby, Karen; Scheikowski, Linda; Allen, Stephen
16-Aug-2000Integrated Disease Management - How are we doingΓAllen, Stephen
16-Aug-2000Managing Black Root RotAllen, Stephen; Mondal, Anowar; Nehl, David
13-Aug-2002Managing Disease with RotationsAllen, Stephen; Nehl, David
14-Aug-1998Managing Weather Damaged Cotton in the Field and in the GinPailthorpe, Michael; Allen, Stephen