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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Dec-2006About FIBREpakBange, Michael
30-Jun-2002ACRI Computer Network SupportBange, Michael
30-Jun-2016Agronomic Management for Better Fibre and Textile QualityBange, Michael
30-Jun-2012Agronomic management to optimise textile performanceBange, Michael
30-Jun-2012Agronomic Management to optimise Textile PerformanceBange, Michael
30-Jun-2019Agronomy for resilient future cotton systemsBange, Michael
11-Jun-2015Australian Cotton Production Manual 2015Williams, Sandra; Bange, Michael; Welsh, Jon; Pendergast, Lance; Harris, Graham; Grabham, Micheal,; Purcell, Jim; Montgomery, Janelle; King, Dallas; Hulugalle, Nilantha; Leven, Tracey; Eveleigh, Rob; Smith, John; Sandell, Gary; Szabo, Phil; Foley, Joseph|; Maas, Susan; Redfern, Ruth
5-Aug-2012Canopy temperature and cotton performanceMahan, James; Bange, Michael; Young, Andrew
16-Aug-1996Characterising the Fruiting Dynamics of Commercial Cotton VarietiesMilroy, S. P.; Bange, Michael
12-Aug-2004Cold shock at 10 degreesC for 10 and 20 nights does not reduce cotton tissue viabilityTan, D; Bange, Michael; McDowell, A
30-Jun-2019Comparison of Australian dye qualityBange, Michael; Gordon, Stuart
30-Jun-2003Continued development and field evaluation of micro-computer cotton management packagesBange, Michael
30-Jun-2002Cool room for ACRI based projects (CSP140C)Bange, Michael
10-Aug-2006Cotton Crop Management for Better Fibre Quality in Dryland SituationsBange, Michael
30-Jun-2007Cotton Crop Management for Improved FibreBange, Michael
10-Aug-2008Cotton farming systems for a changing climateBange, Michael; Constable, Greg
30-May-2018Cotton Production in a Future ClimateBroughton, Katie; Bange, Michael
16-Aug-2000Crop Models and Decision Support - Future Developments and ApplicationsWhiteside, Stewart; Richards, Dirk; Linsley, Darren; Larsen, David; Plummer, Chris; Deutscher, Sandra; Bange, Michael
10-Aug-2006Crop Physiology - Producing a Better FibreBange, Michael; Constable, Greg
30-Jun-2005Delivering science to Agribusiness - novel decision support toolsBange, Michael