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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-May-2013Cotton farming takes to the digital airwavesBoehm, Rohan
5-Aug-2012Cotton Research Outputs Go MobileVerwey, Peter; Boehm, Rohan; Maas, Susan
1-Mar-2010Spotlight: Autumn 2010Boehm, Rohan; Jenson, Melanie
17-May-2011Spotlight: Autumn 2011Boehm, Rohan; Jenson, Melanie
4-Apr-2012Spotlight: Autumn 2012Boehm, Rohan; Jenson, Melanie; Brown, Chrissy; Maas, Susan; Johnson, Pete; Summers, Brooke; Hickman, Mark; Gordon, Stuart; Krajewski, Andrzej
1-Sep-2009Spotlight: Spring 2009Boehm, Rohan; Jensen, Melanie
1-Mar-2010Spotlight: Spring 2010Boehm, Rohan; Jenson, Melanie
6-Sep-2011Spotlight: Spring 2011Boehm, Rohan; Jenson, Melanie; Viscarra Rossel, Tristan; Brown, Chrissy; Day, Mary Anne
12-Oct-2012Spotlight: Spring 2012Boehm, Rohan; Jenson, Melanie; Day, Mary Ann; Maas, Susan; Montgomery, Janelle; Ceeney, Sally; Taylor, Ian; Wark, Jim
1-Dec-2009Spotlight: Summer 2009-10Boehm, Rohan; Jenson, Melanie
23-Dec-2010Spotlight: Summer 2010-11Boehm, Rohan; Jenson, Melanie
22-Dec-2011Spotlight: Summer 2011-12Boehm, Rohan; Jenson, Melanie; Tout, Elizabeth; Brown, Chrissy; Leven, Tracey; Maas, Susan; Pendergast, Lance; Gordon, Bill; Taylor, Ian; Johnson, Pete; Imray, Rob
5-Dec-2012Spotlight: Summer 2012-13Boehm, Rohan; Jensen, Melanie; Day, Mary Anne; Maas, Susan; Ceeney, Sally; Taylor, Ian; Downes, Sharon; Weir, Duncan; Viscarra Rossel, T
1-Jun-2009Spotlight: Winter 2009Boehm, Rohan; Jensen, Melanie
1-Jun-2010Spotlight: Winter 2010Boehm, Rohan; Jenson, Melanie
10-Aug-2011Spotlight: Winter 2011Jenson, Melanie; Boehm, Rohan
18-Jun-2012Spotlight: Winter 2012Boehm, Rohan; Jenson, Melanie; Viscarra Rossel, Tristan; Hickman, Mark; Summers, Brooke