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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Aug-2004Bladder Ketmia (Hibiscus trionum) How Variable is itΓSindel, Brian M; Johnson, Stephen B; Charles, Graham
10-Aug-2010Changes in weeds and practices since the introduction of herbicide tolerant cotton in AustraliaWalker, Steve; Werth, Jeff; McDonald, Craig; Charles, Graham
30-Jun-2009Development of weed control thresholds in management of herbicide damage in cotton / Validation of the critical period for weed control concept for the timing of herbicide applications in Roundup Ready Flex and other Herbicide tolerant cottonsCharles, Graham
13-Aug-2002The Distribution, Spread and Management of Bladder Ketmia, Anoda Weed and Velvetleaf in Australian Cotton Farming SystemsMacKinnon, Leah; Charles, Graham; Sindel, Brian; Taylor, Ian; Johnson, Stephen
16-Aug-2000The Emerging Problem of Cotton Related Weeds (Family Malvaceae)Sindel, Brian; Charles, Graham; johnson, Stephen
30-Jun-2006Expanding WEEDpak: developing integrated weed management packages for the cotton farming systemsCharles, Graham
14-Aug-1998Field Evaluation of Transgenic 2,4-D Tolerant CottonCharles, Graham; Llewellyn, Danny; Hickman, Mark; Constable, Greg
3-Dec-2013Herbicide Damage and Information guideCharles, Graham
17-Dec-2014Herbicide Damage and Information Guide -WEEDpak Section J,Charles, Graham
26-Nov-2013Herbicide Damage Symptoms GuideCharles, Graham
13-Aug-2002Improved weed management in irrigated cotton production systems: Reducing dependence on residual pre-plant and pre-emergent herbicides.Inchbold, Benita; Charles, Graham; Taylor, Ian
13-Aug-2002Integrated weed management for Australian cotton production SystemsCharles, Graham; Taylor, Ian
12-Aug-2004Integrated weed management in the cotton farming system -why should the industry adopt this approachΓTaylor, Ian; Charles, Graham; Roberts, Grant
5-Aug-2014MANAGING FLEABANE IN THE COTTON SYSTEMCharles, Graham; Werth, Jeff
10-Aug-2008Managing herbicide resistance in cottonCharles, Graham
16-Aug-2000Managing Polymeria TakeallCharles, Graham
30-Jun-2003Managing problem weeds of irrigated cottonCharles, Graham
30-Jun-2012Managing Weeds and Herbicides in a Genetically Modified Cotton Farming SystemCharles, Graham
16-Aug-1996Nutgrass Control in CottonCharles, Graham
11-Aug-1992Nutgrass, a problem weed: a review of the literatureCharles, Graham