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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Jun-2000Acquisition of new Truck and Trailer ACRI, Myall ValeConstable, Greg
30-Jun-2000ACRI Plant Breeding Fibre Quality LaboratoryConstable, Greg
30-Jun-1997Australian Cotton Research Institute Plant Breeding Fibre Quality LaboratoryConstable, Greg
16-Aug-2000Balanced Fertilisation for optimising yields and quality of cotton in the OrdConstable, Greg; Gaff, N; Singh, D
10-Aug-2006Breeding - what's in the pipeline?Constable, Greg; Reid, Peter; Llewellyn, Danny; Stiller, Warwick
16-Aug-1996Breeding cotton for improved dryland performanceFarquhar, Graham; Read,John; Constable, Greg; Stiller,Warwick
13-Aug-2002Breeding Fibre for the futureStiller, Warwick; Reid, Peter; Llewellyn, Danny; Constable, Greg
16-Aug-2000Breeding for improved water use efficiencyReid, Peter; Constable, Greg; Stiller, Warwick
30-Jun-2006Breeding improved cotton varietiesConstable, Greg
30-Jun-1998Breeding Improved Cotton VarietiesConstable, Greg
14-Aug-1998Breeding Locally Adapted Pima CottonConstable, Greg
11-Aug-1992Can we be more accurate with N rates ?Constable, Greg; Rochester, Ian
30-Jun-2005Capital Item: :Lummus laboratory ginConstable, Greg
30-Jun-2007Capital Item: Uster HVIConstable, Greg
30-Jun-2000Contingency Research Budget - 1999/2000 Budget MeetingConstable, Greg
10-Aug-2008Cotton farming systems for a changing climateBange, Michael; Constable, Greg
10-Aug-2006Crop Physiology - Producing a Better FibreBange, Michael; Constable, Greg
13-Aug-2002CSIRO Advanced Line Trials for 2000/01 and 2001/02Tyson, C; Heal, L; Mann, G; Warwick, Stiller; Constable, Greg; Reid, Peter
30-Jun-2007CSIRO Fibre Quality LabConstable, Greg
30-Jun-2006CSIRO Field Experiments at ACRIConstable, Greg