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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Aug-2002Additives that Enhance Nucleopolyhedrovirus Performance on Central Queensland CottonShort, Sherree; Grundy, Paul
5-Aug-2012Agronomic package for Burdekin cotton productionGrundy, Paul; Yeates, Stephen
13-Aug-2002Assassin Bugs A Potential Biological Control Agent for Heliothis and Mirids in CottonShort, Sherree; Maelzer, Derek; Grundy, Paul
12-Aug-2004Assassin Bugs and Cotton IPM Prospects and LimitationsShort, Sheree; Grundy, Paul
30-Jun-2013Assessing the Incidence and Biosecurity Risk of Feral CottonGrundy, Paul
30-Jun-2016Assisting Cotton Industry Diversification in Coastal NQ & Tropical AustraliaYeates, Stephen; Grundy, Paul
30-Jun-2016Australian Cotton Production and Best Practice Short DocumentariesGrundy, Paul
30-May-2006Burdekin cotton research summary 2004-2006Yeates, Stephen; Grundy, Paul
30-Jun-2016Capital Item Purchase: Load cells for weighing picking equipment & modulesGrundy, Paul
30-Jun-2017Capital Item Purchase: Wheel Weighing ScalesGrundy, Paul
30-Jun-2013Completion of Burdekin Cotton Feasibility StudyGrundy, Paul
5-Aug-2012Cotton Leaf Curl Disease: Major Biosecurity ThreatGambley, Cherie; Sharman, Murray; Maas, Susan; Smith, Linda; Grundy, Paul
30-Jun-2005Development of novel pest management options for cotton in Central QueenslandGrundy, Paul
13-Aug-2002Field Peas A Potential Alternative to Chickpeas for trap Cropping in Central QueenslandWhite, Damien; Short, Sherree; Grundy, Paul
12-Aug-2004Field Peas for Trap Cropping in Central QueenslandShort, Sheree; Grundy, Paul
30-Jun-2002In Field Evaluation of Assassin Bugs as Biological Control Agents for Cotton Pest Management.Grundy, Paul; Titmarsh, Ian
30-Jun-2002In-field development of novel options for Helicoverpa control in central QueenslandGrundy, Paul
30-Jun-2008Integrated Cotton Farming Systems for CQSequeira, Richard; Grundy, Paul
5-Aug-2014LATE WINTER SOWING FOR EARLIER BOLL FILINGGrundy, Paul; Yeates, Steve; Iker, Jamie; Spargo, Gail; Roughley, Ngaire