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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Jun-2008Aligning National Competencies with the Cotton Industry's best management guidelines for strategic training (Farmbis funding)Hickman, Mark
13-Aug-2002Cotton industry Benchmarking Study 2001 - a reviewDugdale, Helen; Gribb, Dallas; Shaw, Gus; Hickman, Mark; Pyke, Bruce; McIntyre, Geoff
30-Jun-2003Cotton Industry Development Officer - Upper NamoiHickman, Mark
30-Jun-2008Cotton Training CoordinatorHickman, Mark
30-Jun-2008Cotton Training CoordinatorHickman, Mark
30-Jun-2012Cotton Training Coordinator (formerly CRC68)Hickman, Mark
13-Aug-2002The Effects of Simulated Herbicide Drift on Cotton GrowthCook Tony; Storrie, Andrew; Hickman, Mark
14-Aug-1998Field Evaluation of Transgenic 2,4-D Tolerant CottonCharles, Graham; Llewellyn, Danny; Hickman, Mark; Constable, Greg
12-Aug-2004Getting IPM Theory Into PracticeHickman, Mark
30-Jun-2002Industry Development Officer - GunnedahHickman, Mark
12-Aug-2004Industry Perceptions on Management Issues Associated with Bollgard IIKelly, David; Kauter, Greg; Deutscher, Sandra; Hickman, Mark; Pyke, Bruce; McLennan, Austin
30-Jun-2005IPM Training CoordinatorHickman, Mark
30-Jun-2005IPM Training CoordinatorHickman, Mark
16-Aug-2000Issues for Ultra Narrow Row Cotton in Australia: Agronomy, Machinery and GinningHickman, Mark
30-Jun-1999Mark Hickman - Travel to US as part of the Cotton extension TeamHickman, Mark
10-Aug-2006Maximising Your Training Efforts: A New Way Forward For The Australian Cotton IndustryHickman, Mark
13-Aug-2002Monitoring Fruiting Factors as a Tool in Insect ManagementMacPherson, Ian; Hickman, Mark; Gibb, Dallas
10-Aug-2006Research Update on IPM and Secondary PestWilson, Lewis; Hickman, Mark; Deutscher, Sandra
14-Aug-1998Rotation Crops: What is the Impact on a Irrigated Farming SystemRochester, Ian; Tennakoon, Sunil; Hickman, Mark; Conteh, Abdul; Cooper, Jack; Scott, Fiona; Nehl, David; Allen, Stephen; Charles, Graham; Hulugalle, Nilantha; Hare, Catherine
4-Apr-2012Spotlight: Autumn 2012Boehm, Rohan; Jenson, Melanie; Brown, Chrissy; Maas, Susan; Johnson, Pete; Summers, Brooke; Hickman, Mark; Gordon, Stuart; Krajewski, Andrzej