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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Jun-2015Australian Cotton Production Manual 2015Williams, Sandra; Bange, Michael; Welsh, Jon; Pendergast, Lance; Harris, Graham; Grabham, Micheal,; Purcell, Jim; Montgomery, Janelle; King, Dallas; Hulugalle, Nilantha; Leven, Tracey; Eveleigh, Rob; Smith, John; Sandell, Gary; Szabo, Phil; Foley, Joseph|; Maas, Susan; Redfern, Ruth
5-Aug-2014CLOSING THE SOIL CARBON BALANCE IN COTTON FARMING SYSTEMNachimuthu, Gunasekhar; Hulugalle, Nilantha
30-Jun-2004Cotton Gin Trash and Agroforestry for Sustainable Soil ManagementHulugalle, Nilantha
12-Aug-2004Deep Drainage under irrigated cotton farming systems in New South Wales estimated with the chloride mass balance methodHulugalle, Nilantha; Weaver, Tim; Ghadiri, Hossein
13-Aug-2008Healthier cotton soils through high input cereal rotationsFarrell, Tracey; Hulugalle, Nilantha; however yield stagnation or decline in back-to-back cotton fields has also become more apparent. Crop rotation is critical in order for irrigators to achieve the productivity improvements on offer in cotton. The impact cereal rotations have on the soil p
30-Jun-1999Long-term effects of cotton rotations on the sustainability of cotton soilsHulugalle, Nilantha
30-Jun-2005Maintaining profitability and soil quality in cotton farming systemsHulugalle, Nilantha
30-Jun-2008Maintaining profitability and soil quality in cotton farming systems IIHulugalle, Nilantha
30-Jun-2008Maintaining profitability and soil quality in cotton farming systems IIHulugalle, Nilantha
30-Jun-2011Maintaining profitability and soil quality in cotton farming systems IIIHulugalle, Nilantha
30-Jun-1996Management systems for cotton on permanent beds - Maximing the benefits of rotation crops.Hulugalle, Nilantha
30-Jun-2014Managing Carbon in cotton-based farming systemsHulugalle, Nilantha
5-Aug-2012MANAGING SODICITY AND EXCHANGEABLE K WITH DEEP TILLAGE AND SOIL AMENDMENTSHulugalle, Nilantha; McCorkell, Bruce; Weaver, Tim; Finlay, Lloyd
5-Aug-2012PHOSPHORUS NUTRITION OF VETCH IN COTTON-BASED ROTATIONSGuppy, Christopher; Hulugalle, Nilantha; McLane, Diane
30-Dec-2017Resilient Cotton-farming Systems in Irrigated Vertosols: Soil Quality, Carbon and Nutrient Losses, Cotton Growth and Yield in Long-term StudiesNachimuthu, Gunasekhar; Hulugalle, Nilantha; Watkins, Mark; Scott, Fiona; Rollins, Michael
14-Aug-1998Rotation Crops: What is the Impact on a Irrigated Farming SystemRochester, Ian; Tennakoon, Sunil; Hickman, Mark; Conteh, Abdul; Cooper, Jack; Scott, Fiona; Nehl, David; Allen, Stephen; Charles, Graham; Hulugalle, Nilantha; Hare, Catherine
10-Aug-2006Rotations - maintaining our soil quality and profitabilityHulugalle, Nilantha; Scott, Fiona
10-Aug-2006Short-term effects of organic amendments on structural stability and fertility of a NSW grey-cracking soilGhosh, Subhadip; Lockwood, Peter; Daniel, Heiko; Hulugalle, Nilantha
5-Aug-2012Soil carbon storage in irrigated cropping systems sown on permanent bedsHulugalle, Nilantha; Weaver, Tim; Finlay, Lloyd; Heimoana, Vili