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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Jun-20162015 Cotton Irrigation Automation TourRoth, Guy; Montgomery, Janelle
13-Feb-20152015 Cotton Irrigation Technology TourTrindall, Jane; Montgomery, Janelle; Hornbuckle, John; Joshua, Ed; Hoogers, Rob; Coast, Onoriode; Broderick, Rose; Foley, Jenny; McCarthy, Alison; Antille, Diogenes; Uddin, Jasim; Gilles, Malcom; Robson, David
30-Jun-20152015 Cotton Irrigation Technology TourMontgomery, Janelle
30-Jun-20172016 Smarter Irrigation Technology Tour - Southern NSWMontgomery, Janelle
11-Jun-2015Australian Cotton Production Manual 2015Williams, Sandra; Bange, Michael; Welsh, Jon; Pendergast, Lance; Harris, Graham; Grabham, Micheal,; Purcell, Jim; Montgomery, Janelle; King, Dallas; Hulugalle, Nilantha; Leven, Tracey; Eveleigh, Rob; Smith, John; Sandell, Gary; Szabo, Phil; Foley, Joseph|; Maas, Susan; Redfern, Ruth
10-Aug-2008Bales per Megalitre -An Industry Wide Evaluation of the 2006/2007 seasonWilliams, David; Montgomery, Janelle
31-Mar-2021CottonInfo Field Demonstration Trial: Irrigation Toolbox Series - Farm WalksMontgomery, Janelle; Quinn, James
21-Jan-2015ENERGY case study - Pump evaluation pays offMontgomery, Janelle; Szabo,Phil
19-May-2015Evaluating furrow irrigation performance - CottonInfo Fact Sheet May 2015CottonInfo; Montgomery, Janelle; Pendergast, Lance
1-Dec-2007Gwydir Cottontales 2007 Issue 0O'Halloran, Julie; Montgomery, Janelle
23-Aug-2007Gwydir Cottontales 2007 Issue 2Montgomery, Janelle
10-Oct-2007Gwydir Cottontales 2007 Issue 3Montgomery, Janelle
1-Nov-2007Gwydir Cottontales 2007 Issue 4Montgomery, Janelle
3-Mar-2008Gwydir Cottontales 2008 Issue 7Montgomery, Janelle; Hanna, Lauren
17-Mar-2008Gwydir Cottontales 2008 Issue 8Montgomery, Janelle; Lauryn Hanna
20-Jul-2009Gwydir Cottontales 2009 Issue 1Montgomery, Janelle
5-Aug-2012How is Your Performance, bales/MLMontgomery, Janelle; Bray, Stuart
30-Jun-2018Improving the Distribution Uniformity of Fertiliser Spreaders to Optimise Fertiliser (Urea) ApplicationMontgomery, Janelle
30-Jun-2017Mealybug WorkshopMontgomery, Janelle; Waters, Warwick