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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Jun-2001Black Root Rot and Slow early Season Growth of CottonNehl, David
13-Aug-2002Cotton Diseases: Threats and Emerging ThreatsAllen, Stephen; Nehl, David
31-Oct-1992David Nehl: Attend International Symposium on Management of Mycorrhizas in agriculture, Horticulture and ForestryNehl, David
10-Aug-2006Delayed Sowing as a Best-bet Approach to Minimise the Impacts of Fusarium WiltAnderson, Chris; Nehl, David
10-Aug-2006Developing Bion as a Seed Treatment for Black Root Rot in CottonDriessen, Susanna; Nehl, David; Allen, Stephen
30-Jun-2010Disease of Cotton IXNehl, David
30-Jun-2001Diseases of Cotton - VINehl, David
30-Jun-2004Diseases of Cotton VIINehl, David
30-Jun-2007Diseases of Cotton VIIINehl, David
12-Aug-2004Factors affecting the severity of Fusarium wilt: environmental aspects of the diseaseAllen, Stephen; Nehl, David; Anderson, Chris
16-Aug-2000Induced Resistance can Protect Cotton and Legumes from Black Root RotDeverall; Nehl, David; Mondal, Anowar
30-Jun-1995Influence of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizas on growth, development and yield of cottonBrown, J.F.; Nehl, David
13-Aug-2002Management of Black Root Rot of Cotton: Current Status and Future StrategiesMondal, Anowar; Nehl, David; Jhorar, Om
16-Aug-2000Managing Black Root RotAllen, Stephen; Mondal, Anowar; Nehl, David
13-Aug-2002Managing Disease with RotationsAllen, Stephen; Nehl, David
30-Jun-1998Postdoc - David Nehl: Detection, distribution and control of early season growth disorder of cottonNehl, David
1-Dec-1994Postgrad - David Nehl: Influence of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizas on growth, development and yield of cottonNehl, David
14-Aug-1998Roots and Shoots in Cahoots: Improving the Growth of Cotton Affected By Bacterial StuntHenggeler; Mondal, Anowar; Nehl, David
14-Aug-1998Rotation Crops: What is the Impact on a Irrigated Farming SystemRochester, Ian; Tennakoon, Sunil; Hickman, Mark; Conteh, Abdul; Cooper, Jack; Scott, Fiona; Nehl, David; Allen, Stephen; Charles, Graham; Hulugalle, Nilantha; Hare, Catherine
8-Aug-2008Rotations and cotton diseaseAnderson, Chris,; Nehl, David