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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Jun-20182017 Agrifutures RIRDC Rural Womens AwardRedfern, Ruth; Jenson, Melanie
11-Jun-2015Australian Cotton Production Manual 2015Williams, Sandra; Bange, Michael; Welsh, Jon; Pendergast, Lance; Harris, Graham; Grabham, Micheal,; Purcell, Jim; Montgomery, Janelle; King, Dallas; Hulugalle, Nilantha; Leven, Tracey; Eveleigh, Rob; Smith, John; Sandell, Gary; Szabo, Phil; Foley, Joseph|; Maas, Susan; Redfern, Ruth
1-Jun-2016Australian Cotton Production Manual 2016Redfern, Ruth; Twine, Annabel; Maas, Susan
1-Jun-2017Australian Cotton Production Manual 2017Redfern, Ruth; Twine, Annabel
1-Jun-2018Australian Cotton Production Manual 2018Twine, Annabel; Redfern, Ruth
1-Jun-2019Australian Cotton Production Manual 2019Redfern, Ruth; Twine, Annabel
1-Jun-2020Australian Cotton Production Manual 2020Twine, Annabel.; Redfern, Ruth
4-Apr-2014Bankless channels- the Cook family case studyRedfern, Ruth
20-May-2014Bee aware of honey bees- Minimising risks through working togetherRedfern, Ruth
20-May-2014Benchmarking Biodiversity Mungindi Area Wide Management GroupVogel, Stacey; Trindall, Stacey; Redfern, Ruth
20-May-2014Building capacity for change Ashley & Rowena Area Wide Management Groups – Feral Pig Eradication projectVogel, Stacey; Trindall, Jane; Redfern, Ruth
20-May-2014Building capacity for change Bugilbone Ridge Feral Pig Management GroupVogel, Stacey; Trindall, Jane; Redfern, Ruth
17-Aug-2015Considering raingrown this summer?Redfern, Ruth
20-Apr-2015CottinInfo e-news: Keeping our Families safe on farmsRedfern, Ruth
25-Aug-2015Cotton Pest Management Guide 15-16 out nowRedfern, Ruth
10-Aug-2015Cotton Pest Management Guide 2015-16CottonInfo Team; Maas, Susan; Ceeney, Sally; Redfern, Ruth
1-Aug-2016Cotton Pest Management Guide 2016-17Redfern, Ruth; Maas, Susan
1-Sep-2017Cotton Pest Management Guide 2017-18Maas, Susan; Redfern, Ruth
23-Feb-2015CottonInfo e-news: Are spider mites snacking on your cotton?Redfern, Ruth; Wilson, Lewis
12-Jan-2015CottonInfo e-news: Avoid sticky cotton; keep an eye out for silverleaf whiteflyRedfern, Ruth