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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Jun-2004Application of crop simulation within the Australian cotton industryRichards, Dirk
16-Aug-2000Crop Models and Decision Support - Future Developments and ApplicationsWhiteside, Stewart; Richards, Dirk; Linsley, Darren; Larsen, David; Plummer, Chris; Deutscher, Sandra; Bange, Michael
30-Jun-2007Delivering Science to Agribusiness: CottonDeutscher, Sandra; Linsley, D.; Bange, Michael; Thakur, L; Richards, Dirk; Johnston, S.
30-Jun-2007Delivering science to agribusiness: Smart approaches to cotton irrigation managementRichards, Dirk
30-Jun-2001Delivering to industry the benefits of cropping systems modelsRichards, Dirk
13-Aug-2002Development of simple techniques for rapid leaf area measurement in cottonRayner, Fiona; Milroy, Steve; Bange, Michael; Richards, Dirk
10-Aug-2006Does Bollgard II cotton use more water?Richards, Dirk; Yeates, Steve; Roberts, Jenny; Gregory, Ross
16-Aug-2000Early Season Insect Damage in Double Skip Cotton CropsWilson, Lewis; Bange, Michael; Richards, Dirk
30-Jun-2007Instrumentation for comparative water requirement and optimal scheduling of bollgard and conventional cotton systems.Richards, Dirk; Yeates, Stephen
12-Aug-2004Managing cotton under limited water conditions using HydroLOGICRoberts, Grant; Felton-Taylor, Clare; Bange, Michael; Richards, Dirk; Gregory, Ross
12-Aug-2004Managing cotton under limited water conditions using HydroLOGICGregory, Ross; Felton-Taylor, Clare; Bange, Michael; Roberts, Grant; Richards, Dirk
30-Jun-2008New Generation Scouting Tools Final reportBange, Michael; Clancy, L.; Richards, Dirk; Johnston, S; Linsley, D; Deutscher, Sandra
10-Aug-2006Progress in evaluating the moisture stress response of Bollgard II compared with conventional cottonYeates, Steve; Richards, Dirk; Roberts, Jenny; Gregory, Ross
6-Aug-2002Scientific Exchange - Mr Dirk Richards - International Congress on Irrigation and DrainageRichards, Dirk
12-May-2008WATERpak - A guide for irrigation management of cottonWilliams, David; Roth, Guy; Richards, Dirk; Neilsen, James; Harris, Graham; Dugdale(editor), Helen