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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Jun-20162015 Cotton Irrigation Automation TourRoth, Guy; Montgomery, Janelle
30-Jun-2016The 6th World Cotton Conference 2016 - Goiana BrazilSharwood, Robert; Braunack, Michael; Yeates, Steve; Roth, Guy; Brookes, Dean; Tan, Daniel; Filippi, Patrick; Vadakattu, Gupta; Jaconis, Susan; Sequeira, Richard; Downes, Sharon; Cadavid, Luz Angelica; Walsh, Tom
1-May-2008Accelerating adoption of integrated soil management practices in irrigated cotton and grainFriend, John; Roth, Guy
30-Jun-2008Accelerating adoption of integrated soil mgt practices in irrigated cotton and grain (LWA & CRC Commissioned Extension)Roth, Guy
8-Aug-2012The Australian cotton water story - A decade of research and developmentTrindall, Jane; Roth, Guy; Williams, Sandra; Harris, Graham; Wigginton, David
30-Jun-2013BMP Lead AuditorRoth, Guy
1-Nov-2006Cotton Catchment Communities CRC Annual Report 2005-2006Roth, Guy; Anthony, David
12-Nov-2007Cotton Catchment Communities CRC Annual Report 2006-2007Anthony, David; Roth, Guy
5-Aug-2012Drought impacts on small business in Wee Waa.Roth, Guy; Vogel, Stacey
30-Jun-2012drought studyRoth, Guy
30-Jun-2010Economic, Environmental and Social Sustainability Indicators of the Australian Cotton IndustryRoth, Guy
25-Aug-2010Economic, environmental and social sustainability indicators of the Australian cotton industryRoth, Guy
13-Aug-2002The effect of water stress and soil compaction of canopy reflectance and temperatureRoth, Guy
16-Aug-2000The Effects of Cotton Defoliants on Native TreesRoth, Guy; Duggin, John; Downey, Adam
1-May-2011Farm Dam Management - CIF 5032 - NPSI Case study - March 2011Roth, Guy
3-Jun-2010Future Vision and Options for IrrigationBennett, Chris; Roth, Guy
9-Nov-2004The impact of drought on small business - A pilot study on Wee Waa (2004)Roth, Guy
1-May-2011Increasing the Resilience of Eastern Australia Irrigated Farm BusinessesRoth, Guy
25-May-2012Irrigation in Australia - Facts and figuresRoth, Guy