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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Jun-2016The 6th World Cotton Conference 2016 - Goiana BrazilSharwood, Robert; Braunack, Michael; Yeates, Steve; Roth, Guy; Brookes, Dean; Tan, Daniel; Filippi, Patrick; Vadakattu, Gupta; Jaconis, Susan; Sequeira, Richard; Downes, Sharon; Cadavid, Luz Angelica; Walsh, Tom
30-Jun-2000A baseline study of insects on cotton in far north Queensland (Richmond)Sequeira, Richard
30-Jun-2005Area-wide monitoring and cultural control of key cotton pests in central QueenslandSequeira, Richard
30-Jun-2005Central Queensland Time of Planting Trials 2004Sequeira, Richard
16-Aug-2000Cereal Stubble and Trap Crops in Heliothis ManagementSequeira, Richard; Waters, David
30-Jun-2002Development of trap cropping protocols for heliothis management on cotton in central QueenslandSequeira, Richard
30-Jun-1999Field trials of transgenic cotton (INGARD) in central QueenslandSequeira, Richard
30-Jun-2008Integrated Cotton Farming Systems for CQSequeira, Richard; Grundy, Paul
30-Jun-2008Irrigated cotton farming systems for Central QueenslandSequeira, Richard
5-Mar-2013Late Season Silverleaf Whitefly ManagementMaas, Susan; Sequeira, Richard
30-Jun-2017Management of Solenopsis Mealybug in Bollgard® CottonSequeira, Richard
1-Jul-2008Managing Silverleaf WhiteflySequeira, Richard
23-Dec-2013Managing Silverleaf whitefly to maintain Australia's fibre quality reputationGrundy, Paul; Heimoana, Simone; Hopkinson, Jamie; Leven, Tracey; Maas, Susan; Sequeira, Richard; Taylor, Ian; Wilson, Lewis; Williams, Sandra
12-Aug-2004An Overview of Helicoverpa Pest Management Research in Cotton in Central Queensland: 1996-2004Sequeira, Richard
30-Jun-2019Travel Scholarship: 2018 Australian(International) Whitefly SymposiumSequeira, Richard
30-Jun-2003Travel: R. Sequeira, H. Millar, D. Parlatto, D. Kelly, P. Grundy - Whitefly Study Tour to USASequeira, Richard