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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Aug-2012Australian Cotton Production Manual 2012Dugdale, Helen; Williams, Sandra; Cotton CRC Development and Delivery Team
11-Jun-2015Australian Cotton Production Manual 2015Williams, Sandra; Bange, Michael; Welsh, Jon; Pendergast, Lance; Harris, Graham; Grabham, Micheal,; Purcell, Jim; Montgomery, Janelle; King, Dallas; Hulugalle, Nilantha; Leven, Tracey; Eveleigh, Rob; Smith, John; Sandell, Gary; Szabo, Phil; Foley, Joseph|; Maas, Susan; Redfern, Ruth
8-Aug-2012The Australian cotton water story - A decade of research and developmentTrindall, Jane; Roth, Guy; Williams, Sandra; Harris, Graham; Wigginton, David
10-Dec-2012Cotton Aphid Web Tool - Cotton Aphid Web ToolClancy, Loretta; Williams, Sandra
10-Dec-2012Early season aphid management - Getting it right, now and for the futureCeeney, Sally; Heimoana, Simon; Herron, Grant; Maas, Susan; Smith, Tanya; Williams, Sandra; Wilson, Lewis
30-Jun-2017IPM Workshop SeriesWilliams, Sandra
15-Apr-2015Managing Silverleaf Whitefly in Australian cottonWilliams, Sandra
23-Dec-2013Managing Silverleaf whitefly to maintain Australia's fibre quality reputationGrundy, Paul; Heimoana, Simone; Hopkinson, Jamie; Leven, Tracey; Maas, Susan; Sequeira, Richard; Taylor, Ian; Wilson, Lewis; Williams, Sandra
12-Jul-2011Pests and Beneficials in Australian Cotton LandscapesWilliams, Sandra; Wilson, Lewis; Vogel, Stacey
30-Jun-2018‘Science into Best Practice’ Linking Research with CottonInfoWilliams, Sandra; Bange, Michael
10-Dec-2012Which aphid species do I have? - Getting it right, now & for the futures.Heimoana, Simon; Williams, Sandra Where Science Meets Best PracticeClancy, Loretta; Williams, Sandra; Bange, Michael