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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2008Aphid ecology in cottonSmith, Tanya; Wilson, Lewis; Franzmann, Bernie; Heimona, Simone
30-Jun-2007Aphids - control, ecology and CBT resistanceWilson, Lewis
10-Aug-2010Aphids - where to from here?Herron, Grant; Wilson, Lewis
16-Aug-1996B-Type Bemisia Tabaci - An UpdateWilson, Lewis; De Barro, Paul
13-Aug-2002Boll Damage by Sucking Pests: An emerging threat but what do we know about it?Wilson, Lewis; Khan, Moazzem; Lei, Tom
30-Jun-1999Construction of glasshouse for research into plant/herbivore interactionsWilson, Lewis; Mensah, Robert
5-Aug-2012Cotton blue disease: Biosecurity riskSharman, Murray; Gambley, Cherie; Maas, Susan; Wilson, Lewis; Smith, Linda
13-Aug-2002Cotton Bunchy Top (CBT) Characteristics and Modes of TransportWilson, Lewis; Rezaian, Ali; Wright, Phillip; Tesoriero,Len; Stonor, Jamus; Ali, Akhtar; Able, Jason; Reddall, Amelia
12-Aug-2011Cotton bunchy top (CBT) update 2011Sharman, Murray; Larsen, David; Wilson, Lewis; Maas, Susan; Weir, Duncan
5-Aug-2012Cotton bunchy top diseaseSharman, Murray; Gambley, Cherie; Maas, Susan; Wilson, Lewis; Smith, Linda
23-Feb-2015CottonInfo e-news: Are spider mites snacking on your cotton?Redfern, Ruth; Wilson, Lewis
5-Aug-2012Do the neonicotinoid seed treatments Cruiser and Cruiser Extreme control resistant aphids?Marshall, Kate; Wilson, Lewis; Herron, Grant
10-Dec-2012Early season aphid management - Getting it right, now and for the futureCeeney, Sally; Heimoana, Simon; Herron, Grant; Maas, Susan; Smith, Tanya; Williams, Sandra; Wilson, Lewis
16-Aug-2000Early Season Insect Damage in Double Skip Cotton CropsWilson, Lewis; Bange, Michael; Richards, Dirk
14-Aug-1998Early Season insecticide applications can induce aphid outbreaksLally, Deirdre; Bauer, Les; Wilson, Lewis
30-Jun-2010Emerging Pests: Developing Knowledge for Green Vegetable Beetle (GVB) and AphidsWilson, Lewis
30-Jun-2010Emerging Pests: Developing Knowledge for GVB and AphidsWilson, Lewis
5-Aug-2014FATE OF HONEYDEW ON COTTON AND IMPACTS.Heimoana, Simone; Wilson, Lewis
14-Aug-1998How Important is Early Season Damage?Sadras, Victor; Wilson, Lewis
30-Jun-2004Identification and management of Bunchy Top syndrome in cotton (Years 2 & 3 of CRDC121C)Wilson, Lewis