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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Jun-20021. Enhancement of BMP Manual into an Environmental Management System 2. Development of further BMP Manual modulesWilliams, John
30-Jun-200114th International Symposium on plnat lipids - Cardiff Wales (Travel for CSP78C)Qing, Liu
30-Jun-201115th Australian Cotton Conference 2010Rogan, Cleave
5-Aug-201416th Australian Cotton Conference 2012 SUMMARYByrne-Morrison, Tracey
30-Jun-201718th Australian Cotton Conference Foundation SponsorshipArmitage, Stuart; Byrnes-Morrison, Tracey
30-Jun-201718th Australian Cotton Conference, 2016 - Climate Risk Management PresentationWelsh, Jon; Baethgen, Walter
31-Jan-2007The 2006 Cotton Grower Survey Benchmarking/BMP Land & Water Report Information from the 2005-2006 SeasonColeman, Michael; Doyle, Brendan
30-Jun-20072006 DAFF Science & Innovation Awards for Young People in Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry (Contingency)Paulsen, Kylie
30-Jun-20072007 Disease Management Review (Workshops budget)CRDC
30-Jun-20122010/11 Australian Cotton Comparative AnalysisAchin, Philip
30-Jun-20132011/2012 Australian Cotton Comparative AnalysisAlchin, Phil
30-Jun-20132013 Field to Fabric CourseCunningham, Robbie; Krieg, Georgina; Durkin, Chris; Harparsum, John; Ingram, Danni; Ingram, Robert
30-Jun-20132013 Grower Survey of Cotton Farming Practices & Regional Workshops to Identify Research IssuesRoth, Ingrid
29-Aug-20132013 Sustaining Rural Communities Conference - Final ReportHunter, Sally
30-Jun-20142013/14 Australian Cotton Comparative AnalysisAlchin, Phil
1-Jul-20152014-15 End of Season Resistance Monitoring Report and Insecticide TestingDownes, Sharon; Bird, Lisa
30-Jun-20162015 Cotton Irrigation Automation TourRoth, Guy; Montgomery, Janelle
13-Feb-20152015 Cotton Irrigation Technology TourTrindall, Jane; Montgomery, Janelle; Hornbuckle, John; Joshua, Ed; Hoogers, Rob; Coast, Onoriode; Broderick, Rose; Foley, Jenny; McCarthy, Alison; Antille, Diogenes; Uddin, Jasim; Gilles, Malcom; Robson, David
30-Jun-20152015 Cotton Irrigation Technology TourMontgomery, Janelle
30-Jun-20152015 Grassroots Grants ProgrammeO'Brien, Mary; Ayliffe, Emma