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Title: CRDC Annual Report 2009-2010
Authors: CRDC
Keywords: Climatic change
Pilot projects
Self management
Issue Date: 5-Nov-2010
Publisher: CRDC
Abstract: The 2009–2010 year commenced with the ongoing presence of the longest drought on record impacting rural Australia and the cotton industry. The good news is that, on the back of above average winter rainfall and higher commodity prices, the reporting year has ended with a much improved outlook for 2010–11 and a welcome challenge in meeting the R&D needs of a resurgent industry with a mix of new, returning and continuing participants. Strategic direction For CRDC, the reporting year was the second directed by the Strategic R&D Plan 2008–2013 in the quest for sustainable competitive advantage for the Australian cotton industry. In keeping with this quest, a major achievement for industry was the development of an industry vision. With CRDC support, leaders in the Australian cotton industry recognised the potential for improving industry performance, organisational collaboration and capacity through development of a shared view of the future. A 20-year time frame was chosen in order to stretch thinking beyond the short-medium term and ensure a longer-term strategic focus. The shared vision is facilitating greater awareness of possible future challenges, critical uncertainties, and opportunities for the cotton industry and most importantly is enabling alignment of thinking, planning and actions. In achieving the vision of ‘Australian cotton, carefully grown, naturally world’s best’ the industry can position itself to deal proactively with foreseeable emerging challenges such as peak oil, competitiveness with food crops, bioidentical cotton substitutes and new yet to be identified issues. At the same time, CRDC’s portfolio of R&D investment during 2009–10 made progress with the strategic goals to add value to the Australian cotton industry with premium products in improved routes to market, engender highly productive farming systems with improved environmental performance and for an industry that has the human capacity to apply and adopt the technologies and knowledge in which it invests. Value Chain CRDC investment in value chain R&D has facilitated new industry connections and improved market intelligence about the opportunities for cotton mills, brand owners and consumers to achieve greater value from Australian cotton. This potential was successfully demonstrated through collaborative pilot projects with local brand owners to launch 100 per cent Australian cotton business shirts and towels showcasing the Australian cotton industry world’s best production practices and its unique fibre qualities, with the cotton traceable back to certified industry best management practice (BMP) growers, ginners and classers. Farming Systems R&D investments within farming systems have successfully targeted ongoing improvement in productivity growth, environmental performance and biosecurity. Cotton farming systems continued to become significantly more complex in response to new operating conditions such as climate change, water availability and competitiveness with other crops. Evaluations highlighted the importance of industry R&D assistance in this response through yield and water use efficiency gains, as well as better measures of the industry’s environmental footprint. Human Capacity In 2009–10 the industry, with CRDC leadership, commenced the transformation of its approach to supporting the adoption of the technologies, practices and knowledge produced by R&D. A demand driven and commercial-like model is now in place, underpinned by the industry’s BMP program, which has been redeveloped into an online environment, myBMP, powered by the latest R&D. CRDC invested in industry participation in skills-related processes, particularly by young people, women and cotton communities, including indigenous members of those communities. Skills development is an important element of a strategy that seeks to result in attraction, retention and development of the best and brightest for our agricultural sector and, in particular, cotton production. Outcomes The CRDC is pleased to report on the results of the second year of the plan, 2009–10. The report highlights the outcomes of the Corporation’s investments in research, development and its application to enhancing the performance of the Australian cotton industry and community.
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ISSN: 1039-3544
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