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Title: National Wetlands R&D Program: Scoping Review
Other Titles: Occasional Paper 01/97.
Authors: Schofield, N.J.
Boon, P.I.
Brock, M.A.
Bunn, S.E.
Keywords: Wild animals
Resource management
Self management
Food chains
Urban areas
Issue Date: 1-May-1997
Abstract: The objectives of the LWRRDC scoping review were: 1. To summarise wetland resources in general terms in Australia using existing information, and identify where information required for ecologically sustainable development is lacking. 2. To identify the key issues for wetlands management, within the context of overall natural resources management. 3. To identify and prioritise the generic, national or regional issues for which R&D investment could bring the greatest returns in terms of maximising national benefits. 4. To describe the current state of knowledge of the priority issues in a concise, well referenced format including the scale, impact, significance, costs, threats and opportunities. 5. To propose specific R&D requirements for each issue that will be sufficient to resolve the technical components of the problem. 6. To identify social, economic and policy impediments or constraints to resolving the priority issues and propose R&D or other projects that might assist in overcoming these impediments.
ISBN: ISBN 0 642 20647 3
ISSN: ISSN 1320-0992
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