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In this community you can find a selection of CRDC's corporate publications, including Annual Reports, Strategic R&D Plans, Annual Operational Plans and more. For more publications from CRDC, please visit our website:

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Collections in this community

CRDC Annual Operational Plans

CRDC's Annual Operational Plans from 2003 to present.

CRDC Annual Reports

CRDC's collection of Annual Reports.

CRDC commissioned benchmarking reports

CRDC's collection of benchmarking reports

CRDC Cotton Futures

CRDC's Cotton Futures program aims to transform the Australian cotton industry through innovative RD&E.


CRDC impact assessments

CRDC has commissioned a series of qualitative and quantitative impact assessments of important areas of its investment.

CRDC Independent Performance Review

Independent Performance Reviews of CRDC

CRDC Monitoring & Evaluation Framework

CRDC monitors progress towards and achievement of its stated outcomes via Monitoring and Evaluation Frameworks.

CRDC R&D achievement reports

Five and ten year reports outlining the achievements under CRDC's Strategic R&D Plans.

CRDC R&D investments

An annual list of CRDC's R&D investments.

CRDC Researchers' Handbook

A key resource for all researchers working with, or interested in applying for funding from, CRDC.

CRDC Strategic Plans

CRDC's Strategic Plans set the direction for the organisation and its investment over a five year period.

Vision 2029

Vision 2029 - Australian cotton, carefully grown, naturally world’s best.