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Title: NPSI STRATEGIC PLAN - PHASE 2 -2007-2010 version
Authors: NPSI
Keywords: Resource management
Research projects
Self management
Issue Date: 17-Aug-2007
Abstract: The irrigation industry is marked by not really being considered an industry' at all. Irrigators tend to identify themselves in other ways (grains or broadacre; permanent plantings, dairy, vegetables, etc.). The National Program for Sustainable Irrigation (NPSI) Phase 1 has played a substantial role in providing a forum for irrigation stakeholders to collaborate and invest in common issues impacting on the sustainability of irrigation. Advances in knowledge have been made that has led to improvements and savings at the farm and landscape scale. Research projects have delivered new tools and information specific to water re-use, plant growth, water use efficiency, precision irrigation, and irrigation community wide planning. However there remain whole areas of inquiry essential to achieving sustainable irrigation.
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