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Title: Maximising the Efficiency of Bt Refuge Crops
Authors: Baker, Geoff
Issue Date: 1-Oct-2009
Publisher: Cotton Catchment Communities CRC
Abstract: The overall aim of our work in this project was to develop optimum strategies for refuge crop management. In particular, the project aimed to : 1). Demonstrate the efficiency of coverage of Bt cotton by moths from on-cotton sources, and the degree of cross-mating of moths from different plant hosts; 2). Evaluate methods to enhance the production of Helicoverpa within refuge crops; 3). Continue monitoring of landscape-scale changes in the abundance of Helicoverpa spp.; 4) Conduct field trials to evaluate novel refuge crop options. The 4thaim was added to the project for its 3rd year, when Dr Mary Whitehouse joined the project from her previous work on mirid pest management
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