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dc.contributor.authorWolfe, E.C.-
dc.contributor.authorEdge, V.E.-
dc.description.abstractThe main aim of this trip was to report to the international scientific community on the progress of the Insecticide Resistance Management St(ategy that has been implemented in Australia to contain pyrethroid and endosulfan resistance. Two papers were presented on aspects of this research: a) Pyrethroid and endosulfan resistance in Heliothis armigera in Australia - 6 years experience with a management strategy. b) Countermeasures for mfo mediated pyrethroid resistance in Heliothis armigera in Australia. 0 After the conference, a short field trip was undertaken to gauge the extent of the insecticide resistance problem in Heliothis and Plutella in Thailand-
dc.titleTravel - Attend the First Asia Pacific Conference of Entomology, Chiang Mai, Thailand-
CRDC.KeywordsUnrestrictedHeliothis armigera, mfo mediated pyrethroid resistance, epimethyl amino substitution, insecticide resistance, banana weevil borer, coffee berry borer, generation avermectin insecticide, abamectin, pyrethroids, endosulfan, endosulfan resistance, synthetic pyrethroids, meshed enclosures, harvested cabbages, diamondback moth, chitin inhibitor, thiourea insecticide, overcome mfo mediated pyrethroid, mouse mfo, mixed function oxidase,-
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