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Title: High-yield packages for cotton
Authors: Constable, Greg
Keywords: Agronomy
Issue Date: 30-Jun-1992
Abstract: This project identified a method of evaluating crop growth to predict yield response to Pix. * Two nutritional disorders were examined. Firstly, the long fallow (Galathera) syndrome is undoubtably due to poor infection by mycorrhiza. Zinc fertilizer strategies and possible soil management strategies were identified to minimise the problem. Secondly, waterlogging induced iron chlorosis was identified, but the condition was not completely solved by iron fertilizer: removing foliar symptoms did not necessarily improve yield. *Nutrient diagnosis. A database has been established to indicate desirable levels of all nutrients in cotton leaf tissue. In conjunction with experiments where deficiencies are confirmed, this data can be used to assist with diagnosis of crop nutrient status.
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