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Title: Bioremediation enzyme for Endosulfan sulfate
Authors: Unlisted
Keywords: Bioremediation
Issue Date: 30-Jun-2004
Abstract: The research project described in this report is concerned with the isolation and, characterization of a gene/enzyme system for the bioremediation of endosulfan sulfate, (endosulfate), the toxic metabolite of endosulfan. Endosulfan is a broad-spectrum insecticide, and is one of the few remaining organochlorine insecticides in extensive use. Endosulfan, differs from other organochlorine insecticides by the presence of a relatively reactive sulfite, moiety. The reactivity of this group significantly reduces the persistence of this chemical in, comparison to other organochloro-cyclodiene insecticides and is the reason why this, compound is a potential target for enzymatic bioremediation
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