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Title: Postgrad - John Triantafilis: "The spatial distribution of soil properties relevant to sustainable cotton production"
Authors: Triantafilis, John
Keywords: Education
Issue Date: 30-Jun-1994
Abstract: To help coordinate and ensure good collaborative ties between these research groups and to broaden the understanding of soil salinity within the industry, the CRC initiated the development of a Strategic Plan on salinity research and management for the cotton growing areas of Australia. The following Plan complements the comprehensive salinity management strategy document of NSW Agriculture. This Plan's main purpose is to: a) briefly state the current extent of soil salinity and shallow water tables within the cotton growing areas b) raise awareness and educate the industry as to the potential threat of soil salinity c) provide a framework for best management strategies to minimise the threat or spread of soil salinity d) identify key gaps in knowledge to ascertain the potential threat to cotton production e) describe and outline the linkages between current work in progress provide a time frame for the completion of key actions
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