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Title: Travel - Amanda Hill attend 8th International Congress of Pesticide Chemistry, Washington DC & Visit laboratories of Prof. Bruce Hammock, California
Authors: Hill, A
Keywords: Travel
Issue Date: 30-Jun-1995
Abstract: With CRDC permission, the travel award was transferred from Dr Skerritt to Ms A Hill, the diagnostics project leader; there was, however, not a change in itinerary. The major activities undertaken were: attendance at the Eighth IUPAC International Congress of Pesticide Chemistry (Washington, DC, USA; July 4-9) and a visit to the laboratories of Prof Bruce Hammock and Dr Alex Karu (University of California, Davis and Berkeley, respectively; July 11-14). The IUPAC meeting had several sessions that were particularly relevant to our current research on the development of immunoassay kit methods for pesticide analysis in environmental and food samples, including: pesticide dissipation in plants and soil; biotechnology- based analytical methods; ecological risks in relationship to pesticide chemical properties; fate of pesticides in water, soil and air; pesticide binding in soil and sediment; and both current and new methods in residue extraction and analysis in environmental and food samples. We presented a paper describing our work on test kit analysis of endosulfan and metabolites in cotton environments. Attendance at the meeting benefited our work through obtaining first-hand information on synthetic strategies for pesticideprotein conjugates, water and soil sample preparation and extraction for immunoassay. The laboratory visits were especially valuable for research related to our CRDC and Cotton CRC objectives, on development of: synthetic strategies for pesticide-protein coupling, sample extraction and analysis, and establishment of a new method for production of pesticidespecif ic antibodies, namely the expression of recombinant antibodies in E. coli.
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