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Title: Weeds extension material - WeedPAK (See UNE32C).
Authors: Johnston, Stephen
Keywords: WeedPak
Issue Date: 30-Jun-2300
Publisher: University of New England and Cotton CRC
Series/Report no.: ;CRDC167C
Abstract: The need for a comprehensive and integrated weed identification and management guide for the Australian cotton industry has long been recognised. During May 2001, a meeting was held involving the Australian Cotton CRC weeds focus team, a team including both weeds researchers at ACRI and extension personnel from the National Cotton Extension Network, and representatives from the CRDC and ACGRA to discuss the production of WEEDpak.During the period May 2001 – June 2002 members of the weeds focus team, headed by the co-ordinating editor Dr Stephen Johnson, have worked to produce WEEDpak. The end result is a multi-faceted publication that includes information on the following components that are needed to achieve integrated weed management in Australian cotton farming systems:- a weed identification guide, integrated weed management, herbicide resistance, herbicides and spray guidelines, roundup ready, farm hygiene, controlling volunteer cotton and an examination of the interactions of cotton pathogens and insects with weeds, best bet management guidelines for weeds, management of problem weeds, weed management in rotation crops and appendices on the regional distribution of weeds, a weed species and further reading list with other supporting documents.
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