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Title: Travel for Dr Pat Colyer - USA Cotton Disease Council - Review of Australian Fusarium Research.
Authors: Colyer, Pat
Keywords: molecular biology
Fusarium wilt
Louisiana State University, USA
Travel expenses
Issue Date: 30-Jun-2002
Publisher: The University of Queensland
Series/Report no.: ;CRC39C
Abstract: The Australian industry efforts were reviewed by Dr Patrick Colyer, a plant pathologist with extensive experience in cotton, from Louisiana State University, USA. The Australian Cotton CRC, CRDC and CSD supported Dr Colyer's trip. Dr Colyer arrived in Australia on Saturday 9'" February 2002, to begin a 'tour' through Fusarium-infected cotton growing areas. Along the way, he met and spoke with cotton growers, researchers, seed companies, and consultants. Starting in Narrabri, he met up with CSIRO breeders, the pathologists at ACRI, and toured the CSD seed production facility. Meetings followed this with Deltapine breeders, growers and co~lsultantsin the Goondiwindi and Pampas areas. The tour continued with farm visits and meetings with researchers at QDPI, Toowoomba, and in Brisbane. After a weekend of relaxation on a stretch of the Queensland coast, Dr Colyer participated in the Biotechnology and Fusarium reviews on the 18"' and 19"' of February. Though not knowledgeable in the area of molecular biology, Dr Colyer was able to contribute to general discussion during the Biotechnology review and played a part in the discussion during the Fusarium review.
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