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Title: ACRI Computer Network Support
Authors: Bange, Michael
Keywords: computer system maintenance
Issue Date: 30-Jun-2002
Publisher: CSIRO Plant Industry
Series/Report no.: ;CSP108C
Abstract: CRDC has for many years supported the development and maintenance of computer systems at The Australian Cotton Research Institute, Narrabri(previous project CSF77C). These computer systems have benefited all research programs through their use in data processing, storage, statistical analysis, modeling and the development of end-user packages. In addition the network services located at ACRl provide printing services and communication which includes e-mail. The development of the Internet in recent years has provided a means of communication and also dissemination of information. A dedicated World Wide Web server that support the Australian Cotton CRC's website is now located at ACRl. This has enabled information and systems developed at ACRl to be made available immediately to the Cotton Industry (e. g. updates to CottonLOGIC). Data published on this server includes daily weather data downloaded from weather stations in the cotton growing regions as well as research publications produced by the CRC. With the increase in computing power and staff at ACRl, the need for sustained technical support directly to the user has expanded. Support for these services is imperative to the proper functioning of the research station. Plans at the beginning of this project were being finalised to completely reachable the Myall Vale site to CSIR0 saturation cabling standards. Both CSIRO and NSW Agriculture are providing funds for this project.
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