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Title: Post Doctorate: Emma Cottage - Mechanisms insecticide resistance in the cotton aphid, Aphis Gossypii
Authors: Emma Cottage, Emma Cottage
Keywords: Profenofos resistance
esterase mediated metabolism
knock down resistance (kdr)
Issue Date: 30-Jun-2003
Publisher: NSW Agriculture
Series/Report no.: ;DAN158C
Abstract: Profenofos resistance is due to esterase mediated metabolism. Preliminary research suggests that an insensitive acetylcholinesterase is also involved. However, during the course of these experiments, the resistant strain being used lost its resistance. The strain has been replaced and all experiments are being repeated to verify these results. Preliminary research indicates that ‘knock down resistance’ (kdr) is not involved in bifenthrin resistance, although further experimentation is needed. It is thought that metabolic resistance mechanisms are involved. Research into potential resistance mechanisms to endosulfan (no endosulfan resistant cotton aphid strains are available yet, so any current research is speculative) indicate that esterase mediated resistance may be involved. Preliminary research indicates that an insensitive AChE is not likely be involved. Research has also been done to determine whether aldicarb and carbosulfan can be separated into two separate groups in the resistance management strategy. This has turned out to be a very difficult problem to solve. Preliminary research indicates that the two chemicals could be separated out without a great risk of cross resistance occurring. One of the major milestones was the development of a field based kit to detect pirimicarb resistance in cotton aphid populations. This kit identifies pirimicarb resistant cotton aphids by a simple colour change - squashed resistant aphids turn yellow, susceptible aphids stay clear. This kit provides the grower valuable information in making spray decisions.
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