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Title: Cotton fineness and Maturity Measurement using the Sirolan - Laserscan
Authors: Naylor, Geoffrey
Keywords: HVI systems
Micronaire value
fibre immaturity
fibre fineness
fibre maturity
wrongfully discounted
new technology
Issue Date: 30-Jun-2003
Publisher: CSIRO Textile and Fibre Technology
Series/Report no.: ;CTFT2C
Abstract: The commonly used Micronaire value for cotton is related to both fibre fineness and maturity. There is a need for a new measurement technique to separate these. This is of particular importance to the Australian industry where varieties of fine mature cotton have the potential to be wrongfully discounted commercially by misinterpreting a low Micronaire value as indicating immaturity in a coarser fibre. This project extends the work of a previous CRDC funded project (CWT 4C). The earlier project demonstrated that a new approach using an instrument called the Sirolan-Laserscan is able to measure the fineness of cotton fibres independent of fibre maturity. Further, using the experimentally measured fibre fineness value, a process for mathematically 'unravelling' the Micronaire value has been demonstrated leading to accurate fibre maturity values. The current project aimed to simplify the instrument and increase its speed with a view to matching the speed of the current HVI systems. A new prototype instrument was designed, built and tested. The results to date are positive. The computer controlled instrument can measure the fineness and maturity of cotton samples and is currently undergoing further testing.
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