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dc.contributor.authorNaylor, Geoffrey-
dc.description.abstractThe commonly used Micronaire value for cotton is related to both fibre fineness and maturity. There is a need for a new measurement technique to separate these. This is of particular importance to the Australian industry where varieties of fine, mature cotton have the potential to be wrongfully discounted commercially by misinterpreting a low Micronaire value as indicating immaturity in a coarser fibre. CRDC is currently funding research at CSIRO Textile and Fibre Technology aimed at developing techniques to measure fibre fineness and maturity to overcome this deficiency in the Micronaire measurement. One difficulty with research in this area is that there are no internationally recognised standard cotton samples that can be used for checking the accuracy of new measurement approaches or for that matter for checking the calibration and accuracy of existing instrumentation. Researchers in the US are tackling this problem by coordinating the development of a standardised set of cotton samples specifically for this purpose. Once this work is completed, the cottons in this set will each have well characterised values of both fibre fineness and maturity and the set will cover a wide commercial range in these parameter values. This set will then be of extensive value to the cotton community. In order to accurately determine the correct fineness and maturity of each sample bale, samples will be measured by a variety of techniques and in a variety of laboratories and CSIRO Textile and Fibre Technology (TFT) in Geelong, were invited to participate in these trials as an independent measurement test laboratory. During this project CSIRO became proficient in the specific techniques of sample preparation and developed software for the analysis of the images of fibre cross sections. After detailed validation trials of the CSIRO techniques, measurements were undertaken on a set of seven different cottons. In total more than 30,000 individual fibre cross-sections were imaged and analysed. The results from these trials have been satisfactorily correlated with the data from another participating laboratory. This is a major step towards establishing accepted values for these reference cottons.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipCRDC and Texas Tech University, USAen_US
dc.publisherCSIRO Textile and Fibre Technologyen_US
dc.subjectMicronaire valueen_US
dc.subjectfibre finenessen_US
dc.subjectfibre maturityen_US
dc.subjectnew measurement techniqueen_US
dc.subjectmisinterpreting a low Micronaire valueen_US
dc.subjectwrongfully discounted commerciallyen_US
dc.subjectstandardised set of cotton samplesen_US
dc.subjectMicromat F/MT testeren_US
dc.subjectcalibration of commercial and research instrumentsen_US
dc.titleParticipation in an international interlaboratory trial to develop standard reference cotton samples for fibre fineness and maturityen_US
dc.typeTechnical Reporten_US
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