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Title: Travel: Bill Tyrwhitt - Plant Pathology Research Visit to USA
Authors: Tyrwhitt, Bill
Keywords: reinform nematodes
Fusarium wilt
sound quarantine procedures
farm quarantine procedures
Come Clean - Go Clean
minimise the spread of any pathogens
Best Management Practices
area wide management strategies
minimise disease spread
Issue Date: 30-Jun-2006
Publisher: CSIRO Plant Industry
Series/Report no.: ;CRDC266
Abstract: I believe both reinform nematodes and Fusarium (race 4) have the characteristics that could potentially, affect the Australian cotton industry if they were to be introduced to Australia. There is a feeling in the industry that breeders will overcome Fusarium and there has been a loosening of farm quarantine procedures, this will increase the chance of an introduced pathogen spreading throughout the industry. The best defence that Australian cotton growers have against these two pathogens is sound quarantine procedures and the policy of 'Come Clean - Go Clean' that is in place on most cotton farms. The Australian cotton industry is in a pretty good position to if they are introduced to Australia, due to this policy.
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