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Title: Delivering regional extension in St. George / Dirranbandi cotton farming systems
Authors: King, Dallas
Keywords: IDO's
extension officers
Technical specialists
agronomic decisions
extension and adoption of research
field days
human capacity
capacity building
new technology
research advances
part-time position
Issue Date: 30-Jun-2009
Publisher: Balonne Agricultural Consultancy
Series/Report no.: ;CRC144
Abstract: Due to the ongoing drought throughout the cotton growing regions there has been a decline in both investment dollars and human resources. This decline had impacted on the cotton CRC's ability to extend new research from the scientific community to the industry's growers. Unfortunately, a number of the extension officers positions had been vacant throughout many of the cotton valleys for a period of time. Therefore it was decided to look at an alternative approach to fulfilling the needs of the growers and ensure that they were being informed of the latest research and best management practices via the extension model.As such, project 5.01.23con was initiated so as to employ on a part time basis, the services of an independent consultant in the Lower Balonne region(St George, Dirranbandi & Thallon) to extend these new research outcomes to growers in these areas. Dallas king via Balonne Agricultural consultancy was contracted for two years to provide this service to the Lower Balonne region.
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