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Title: Upgrade and evaluate modified lint cleaner
Authors: Bagshaw, Kevin
Keywords: trials
HVI System
USDA classing standards
Modified Lint Cleaner (MLC)
Standard Lint Cleaner (SLC)
improved uniformity
fibere properties
extension and adoption
Issue Date: 30-Jun- 30
Publisher: CSIRO Materials Science and Engineering
Series/Report no.: ;CRC1019
Abstract: Industrlal trials as part of CRC Project No. 4.03.03 showed cotton through the MLC with a combing ratio of 19 had 0.02 inches or 0.53 rum more length in terms of UHML (a 2% increase), a 1.34 increase in length uniformity (a 2% increase) and a 1.16% decrease in SFC (a 12% decrease) than standard lint cleaners (SLC). The results also showed that whilst there was no significant difference in nep generation through a SLC or MLC, neps were consistently lower for the MLC at lower combing ratios. Although trash levels as measured by HVl and AFIS were consistently higher for LC systems with lower combing ratios including the MLC, the differences were not significant and not reflected in lower classing grades. At the conclusion of this project it was proposed that upgrades to the MLC including reducing the diameter of the new draft rollers, reducing the draft distance between the condenser doffing rollers and the new draft rollers and revising the draft ratios between roller sets, would further improve fibre length and reduce the number of neps and trash Overall, the results from samples processed through the upgraded MLC indicated statisticalIy significant improvements in fibre properties for cotton with fibre lengths ranging from 1.095 inches to 1.20 inches. Length (UHML), length uniformity (ML/UHML %), short fibre index (SFl), USDA leaf grade and neps (AFIS) all improved when this type of cotton was processed through the MLC, although the improvements were minor in terms of fibre value. The effect of the upgraded MLC was more muted on longer cottons eg. , UHML > 1.17 inches, although like the shorter cottons produced cleaner cotton in terms of leafgrade.
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