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dc.contributor.authorVan der Sluijs, Rene-
dc.description.abstractIf Australia is to maintain its reputation as a consistent supplier of high quality cotton it will need to ensure that the entire cotton pipeline from growing to ginning and from warehouse to port conforms to industry Best Management Practices (BMP). The BMP program has been successfully taken up by the growing sector in 1999 and the classing sector in 2004, with the ginning, harvesting and warehousing and despatch still outstanding. In response to this need a draft BMP Handbook for Ginning, was compiled in late 2006. Initial audits were conducted during the 2007 ginning season to determine the compliance of the gins to the draft BMP for Ginning. These audits were also conducted to determine any discrepancies and omissions in the draft BMP for Ginning. As a result of the initial audits the draft BMP was amended and formalised with formal scheduled audits conducted during the 2009, 2010 and 2011 ginning seasons. During the 2009 ginning season, sixty three percent; during the 2010 season, seventy five percent and during the 2011 season, eighty percent of the operational gins were audited against the current version of the BMP Handbook for Ginning. This Handbook for Ginning has evolved over the three years becoming more comprehensive with each updated version. A large number of the audited gins complied with the current version of the BMP Handbook for Ginning and as a consequence were recommended for certification by Cotton Australia. There are however a large number of issues that were raised during the 2011 audits which will need to be attended to by the Australian Cotton Ginners Association and the individual gins.en_US
dc.subjectBest Management Practice (BMP)en_US
dc.subjectBMP Handbook for Ginningen_US
dc.subjectCotton Australiaen_US
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dc.subjectAustralian Cotton Ginners Associationen_US
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dc.titleStandardization of Ginning (BMP)en_US
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