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Title: Review of the Industry Biosecurity Plan for the Cotton Industry
Authors: Burgess, Rohan
Keywords: Plant Health Australia (PHA)
Biosecurity Plan
Cotton Industry.
crop protection
management plan
Issue Date: 30-Jun-2015
Publisher: Plant Health Australia
Series/Report no.: ;PHA1501
Abstract: Plant Health Australia (PHA) has reviewed and updated the Biosecurity Plan for the Cotton Industry.The cotton industry remains under constant threat from exotic and endemic pests, diseases and weeds. To ensure its future viability and sustainability, it is vital that the Australian cotton industry minimises the risks posed by exotic pests and responds effectively to pest threats. The Biosecurity Plan for the Cotton Industry is a framework to coordinate biosecurity activities and investment for Australia’s cotton industry. It provides a mechanism for industry, governments and stakeholders to better prepare for and respond to, incursions of pests that could have significant impacts on the cotton industry. The 2013-2018 Cotton Research and Development Corporation (CRDC) Strategic Research and Development Plan therefore has a focus on biosecurity preparedness for the industry. Two key biosecurity strategies identified for the industry include: Respected Stewardship (Cotton crops protected from pest, weed and disease threats); and Successful Crop Protection (Cotton crops protected from pest, weed and disease threats). A number of the objectives identified by these strategies are achieved by the review of the Biosecurity Plan for the Cotton Industry. These include the investigation of new and emerging cotton pests and diseases, identifying biosecurity capacity, knowledge and preparedness, and by supporting the industry’s ability to effectively respond to biosecurity threats and meet biosecurity obligations. Through this review of the Biosecurity Plan for the Cotton Industry the following components were delivered: • Identification and update of all exotic pest threats to the cotton industry, including an analysis of the entry, establishment and spread potentials together with the potential economic impact should the pest become established in Australia. • Prioritisation of pest threats to the cotton industry to provide direction for the allocation of biosecurity resources within the industry and from governments. • Identification of key areas for investment within the cotton industry through the “Implementing biosecurity for the Australian cotton industry 2015-2020” section of the Biosecurity Plan. • Identification of what risk mitigation activities are currently undertaken by the industry and what could be implemented in the future to reduce biosecurity threats to cotton production. • Identification of what surveillance activities are undertaken and diagnostic capabilities that are available for pests and diseases that could impact on the cotton industry. • Identification of the established pests and weeds of biosecurity significance to the cotton industry
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