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Title: Annual Qualitative and Quantitative Surveys for Australian Cotton Industry
Authors: Anderson, Fiona
Keywords: survey
Australian cotton industry
identifying new opportunities
product usage
farming practices
technology adoption
research and extension
capacity building
qualitative data
quantitative data
social factors
economic factors
environmental factors
cotton map
Issue Date: 30-Jun-2015
Publisher: Crop Consultants Australia Incorporated
Series/Report no.: ;CCA21201
Abstract: This annual survey project measures the impacts and outcomes of research and production critical to the Australian cotton industry. Crop Consultants Australia (CCA) has collected quantitative and qualitative data for the industry since the early 1990s. The data helps the industry to better understand the impact of research and extension, technology adoption, farming practices and product usage as well as identifying new opportunities. The project collected and provided quality quantitative and qualitative data of good geographical representation (coverage of Australia’s cotton production area) relating to economic, environmental and social factors of Australia’s cotton industry. The data collected each year and provided to CRDC is able to be compared with data from other years to determine progress on various issues and changes in management practices. The data provided to CRDC is utilised by industry for benchmarking, trending and research purposes.
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