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Title: Economic Optimisation in SIRATAC
Authors: Cox, P.G
Keywords: Pest Management
Issue Date: 22-Jun-2012
Abstract: SIRATAC is an on-line computer-based pest management system for irrigated cotton. It makes recommendations for insect control on the basis of samples collected from individual management units. Daring the 1980s, the SIRATAC methodology was marketed through SIRATAC Ltd. A reimplementation of SIRATAC was initiated in 1986 (SIRATACPlus). However, by 1988, it had become clear that on-line management systems were an evolutionary dead end. SIRATAC Ltd went into liquidation in mid-1989. The SIRATAC Plus project was abandoned in early 1990. During the 1989/90 and 1990/91 cotton seasons, SIRATAC was operated by a newly-formed User Group (SUG). The collapse of the SIRATAC framework coincided with the initiation of Project CS51L, Economic optimisation in SIRATAC. The abandonment of the SIR ATAC framework also coincided with increasing doubt concerning the ability of cotton to compensate for early insect damage. This circumscribed the usefulness of the SIRATAC crop model for formal optimisation. Thus, during the course of the project, the emphasis shifted from mathematical optimisation using validated simulation models towards the development of a novel approach to decision support as a replacement for SIRATAC.
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