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Title: Rotation Crops: What is the Impact on a Irrigated Farming System
Authors: Rochester, Ian
Tennakoon, Sunil
Hickman, Mark
Conteh, Abdul
Cooper, Jack
Scott, Fiona
Nehl, David
Allen, Stephen
Charles, Graham
Hulugalle, Nilantha
Hare, Catherine
Issue Date: 14-Aug-1998
Publisher: Australian Cotton Growers Research Association
Abstract: Farming systems are continually attracting interest amongst the growing community, since input costs are continually increasing and returns behave in a cyclic nature. Growers are now stepping back from the enterprise, to assess the production unit for agronomic, economic and environmental issues before selecting the rotation crop for the farm, endeavouring to achieve the most sustainable production system. This has research dollars invested, to examine the effects of rotation crops on the cotton production system.
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