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Title: Pesky Polymeria - The Perennial Problem
Authors: Sindel, Brian
Jones, Christine
Johnson, Stephen
Issue Date: 14-Aug-1998
Publisher: Australian Cotton Growers Research Association
Abstract: Polymeria longjfolia (Polymeria take-all or Peak Downs curse)is a native Australian species. It is one of the 'take-all' weeds, so named because of the 'perennial, rhizomatous habit' of many of these weeds, their ability to form 'dense competitive infestations that smother the ground' and that they 'take all 'the nutrient and water resources available in the soil (Sindel pers. coimm. ). It has long narrow grey/green leaves with pink/mauve, yellow-centred flowers. It forms a dense rhizomatous root system which appears to be largely resistant to chemical and cultivation treatment (McMillan 1988). Polymeria take-all was ranked as the tenth worst weed in New South Wales cotton growing areas in the 1988/89 season (Charles 1991). It appeared to be increasing in abundance at this time. Control measures for Polymeria take-all were far from satisfactory and progress towards such measures had been slow due to a lack of research effort (McMillan 1988). Our research aimed to survey the distribution, spread and potential for control of Polymeria take-all, and to elucidate the reasons for the success of this weed by examining aspects of its biology and ecology in the cotton fanning system.
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