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  • Boehm, Rohan; Jenson, Melanie; Brown, Chrissy; Maas, Susan; Johnson, Pete; Summers, Brooke; Hickman, Mark; Gordon, Stuart; Krajewski, Andrzej (2012-04-04)
    With harvest drawing near the Autumn 2012 issue of CRDC's quarterly magazine covers managing a crop to maintaining fibre quality. The human aspect of cotton farming is covered with workplace health and safety in the picking ...
  • Boehm, Rohan; Jenson, Melanie; Day, Mary Ann; Maas, Susan; Montgomery, Janelle; Ceeney, Sally; Taylor, Ian; Wark, Jim (2012-10-12)
    This edition covers the evolution of R&D arrangements post Cotton CRC. The international promotion of cotton and improved international research collaboration are covered in an article on the international cotton researchers ...
  • Boehm, Rohan; Jenson, Melanie; Tout, Elizabeth; Brown, Chrissy; Leven, Tracey; Maas, Susan; Pendergast, Lance; Gordon, Bill; Taylor, Ian; Johnson, Pete; Imray, Rob (2011-12-22)
    The Summer 2011-12 edition of CRDC's quarterly magazine, Spotlight gives an explanation of the Australian cotton industry, its organisations and their roles in R&D. Topical information is provided to aid mid season decision ...
  • Boehm, Rohan; Jenson, Melanie; Viscarra Rossel, Tristan; Hickman, Mark; Summers, Brooke (2012-06-18)
    In this edition of Spotlight, we bring you a snapshot of how the industry is working together to alleviate the 'people shortage'. The edition also pays tribute to the Cotton CRC's contribution to industry R&D. Other ...

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