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  • Nehl, David B.; Moore, Natalie; Allen, Stephen J. (Australian Cotton CRC, 2003-02-13)
    This document is designed to be used as a tool to assist the management of diseases in cotton.
  • Farrell, Tracey (Industry & Investment NSW, 2011-11-10)
    Despite several smaller than average seasons, all in a row, the cotton industry continues to break new ground in pest management. The 2008/09 season sees the introduction of new techniques for monitoring and determining ...
  • Cotton CRC Extension Team (Cotton Catchment Communities CRC, 2009-11-28)
    The 2009/10 Cotton Pest Management Guide is the key resource in cotton crop protection and this year's updates reflect many of the new and ongoing challenges the industry faces. Adopting best practice in pest management ...
  • Cotton Catchment Communities CRC (Cotton Catchment Communities CRC, 2010-08-09)
    Management of insects, weeds, diseases, PGR and defoliants, sections included on biosecurity, and myBMP
  • Cotton Catchment Communities CRC (Cotton Catchment Communities CRC, 2011-09-09)
    Insect Weed Disease management in Australian cotton for 2011 2012
  • Cotton CRC Development and Delivery Team (Cotton Research & Development Corporation, 2012-08-15)
    The 2012 3 Cotton Pest Management Guide your handbook to cotton industry best practice for pest, weeds, diseases, biosecurity and spray application. This publication is a cross organisation, interdisciplinary effort which ...
  • van der Sluijs, M.H.J.; Naylor, G.R.S.; Long, R.L.; Gordon, S.G.; Constable, Greg; Bange, Michael (CSIRO & CRDC, 2018-06-04)
    Fibre quality is affected by a large number of interacting factors:variety, seasonal conditions, crop and harvest management, and ginning can all determine whether or not the spinner's requirementsare met. While some of ...
  • Barrett, Hugh (Cotton Catchment Communities CRC, 2007-10-30)
    Irrigation Australia 2007
  • Deutscher, Sandra (Editor) (2005-02-10)
    These guidelines have been designed to assist growers implement IPM strategies to suit their individual farming system. The original IPM guidelines were developed in response to requests from growers and consultants for ...
  • Sykes, John (Cotton Catchment Communities CRC, 2012-05-25)
    The major projects were High Yielding Irrigated Grains in Cotton Farming Systems (HYIGCFS) and Achievable Yields (AY). Key recommendations have been developed from these projects to manage plant growth and to reduce the ...
  • Cotton Research and Development Corporation (Australian Cotton CRC, 2003-10-15)
    This guide is a resource for improving riparian land management on cotton farms.Riparian land is important because it is economically and environmentally productive.Intensive agricultural production systems like cotton ...
  • Davies, Andrew; Yeates, Stephen; Moulden, John; Strickland, Geoff (Cotton Catchment Communities CRC, 2007-05-18)
    The information contained in this document is a distillation of results from research, conducted over the last decade, which investigated dry season cotton production in the ORIA. An intense effort has been made to understand ...
  • Grundy, Paul; Grundy, Tonia; Yeates, Stephen (Cotton Catchment Communities CRC, 2012-06-25)
    NORpak: Cotton production and management guidelines for the Burdekin and north Queensland coastal dry tropics region 2012
  • Rochester, Ian (Australian Cotton CRC, 2001-06-01)
    NUTRIpak is a manual of cotton nutrition, designed to inform cotton growers and consultants of theimportance of providing their crops with a sufficient supply of nutrients and improving their fertilizer management.
  • Hughes, Peter; Rankine, Ian (Cotton Research & Development Corporation, 2002-11-01)
    SPRAYpak has been developed for growers and focuses on pesticide application and usage in cotton. However, the principles apply to all similar spray application jobs in agriculture. It is part of the industry commitment ...
  • Dugdale(editor), Helen; Williams, David; Roth, Guy; Richards, Dirk; Neilsen, James; Harris, Graham (Cotton Research & Development Corporation, 2008-05-12)
    WATERpak provides technical information and practical advice to help irrigators improve irrigation practices, minimise environmental impacts and increase farm profits from irrigated cotton crops. Grains section added in 2008
  • Wigginton (ed.), David (2013-07-31)
    WATERpak provides technical information and practical advice to help irrigators improve irrigation practices, minimise environmental impacts and increase farm profits from irrigated cotton crops. WATERpak brings together ...
  • MacKinnon, Leah; Taylor, Ian; Roberts, Grant; Johnson, Stephen; Charles, Graham (Cotton Catchment Communities CRC, 2012-06-26)
    WEEDpak - A guide for integrated management of weeds in cotton . This weed guide has been updated at intervals since its release - Two chapter -on Herbicide Damage of cotton is and weed ID provided as a seperate document ...
  • Charles, Graham (Cotton Catchment Communities CRC, 2012-06-26)
    The intent of this guide is to give cotton growers information relating the impact of known concentrations of a herbicide on crop growth, exposed at a given crop growth stage, on crop growth and development and final yield. ...

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