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dc.description.abstract A new buzzword has swept dryland cotton growing areas this season. Super Singles is being trialled over around 18,000 ha West of Moree this year. What are Super Singles? Super Singles is a dryland cotton growing configuration developed by B& W. Rural as a summer crop option for the Western areas and is expected to take some of the risk out of dryland cotton growing. Super singles is a one in two out configuration using Bollgard/Roundup Ready cotton.
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dc.subject Raingrown
dc.subject Economics
dc.title Super Singles - Profitable Dryland Cotton at $400 per bale
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CRDC.KeywordsUnrestricted super singles, dryland cotton, dryland cotton crop, row picker, bales, insecticide spray, row planter, moisture probe, unsprayed refuge, trialled, neutron probes, dryland cotton growing, sheild spraying, interrow, super singles plantings, swept dryland cotton, planting bollgard, unsprayed conventional cotton, agri link neutron, mirids,

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