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dc.description.abstract When comparing BollgardII with conventional cotton, the lower water requirement and higher lint yield of Bollgard II was explained by greater insect damage in conventional cotton. The effect of this damage was to delay time to maturity and increase leaf area of the conventional variety, which in turn increased crop water use. In situations where pest damage is minimal, variety differences are unlikely or could favour the conventional variety where tipping is the only damage. Water stress equivalent to extraction of > 60% of plant available water at mid flowering and cut-out reduced Bollgard II yields by 24 and 36%, compared with 2 and 17% in conventional. A much higher boll load at the time of stress prevented compensation in the BollgardII variety. Over 2 seasons the response of BollgardII to different irrigation frequencies (deficits) was strongly influenced by evaporative demand. Where the deficit was about 80mm (40% of PAWC) yield was increased by 20% in the lower evaporative demand season. The yield difference was minimal with a deficit < 40mm (20% of PAWC). Generally Bollgard II produced consistently higher yields at smaller deficits (35 to 54mm). However yield at a 35 mm deficit was reduced in 2007 / 08 by rainfall coinciding with irrigation.
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dc.subject Water use efficiency
dc.subject BollgardII
dc.title Toward better water management of Bollgard II cotton
dc.subject.crdc 4b
CRDC.KeywordsUnrestricted evaporative demand, lint yield, irrigation, conventional cotton, furrow irrigation, boll load, furrow irrigation measure, neutron probe, rainfall coinciding, cumulative potential evapotranspiration, replicated experiments, catchment communities crc, cut-out, bollgard ii cotton, peak flower, average lint yield, cotton catchment communities crc, micronaire, evaporative demand season, higher lint yield

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