15th Australian Cotton Conference 2010

Date Issued:2011-06-30


7. Provide an assessment of the likely impact of the results and conclusions of the research

project for the cotton industry. What are the take home messages?

The 15th Australian Cotton Conference, titled “Fashioning the Future” provided a platform

to showcase the Australian cotton industry and enhance the outputs from CRDC funded

R&D and extension activities to the industry at large.

The conference provides for the largest gathering of industry participants in any calendar

year and delegates were presented with information in various formats during the

conference program that demonstrated and extends improvements in outcomes for the


Industry was challenged to share information, discuss, debate and respond to and adopt

findings of research and projects around maximising individual and industry profitability and

sustainability through the adoption of home‐grown R&D.

The Committee of the 15th Australian Cotton Conference aimed to showcase:

• Australia’s place within the world cotton market

• Australian Long Staple varieties

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• Cotton’s role in meeting the food and fibre security challenge

• Cotton’s contributing role in regional and rural Australia

• Human resource management

• Women in the Australian cotton industry

• Young leaders within the Australian cotton industry

• Promoting our commitment to corporate social responsibility

• Marketing our image/profile to others outside of industry

• Environmentally sustainable cotton growing

• Cotton as a positive/forward thinking, challenging and rewarding industry

• Doing more with less water, fertiliser and energy

• Dryland farming

• Australian cotton fibre for new blends and new opportunities

• A culture for learning

• Technology – today and in the future – delivery; stewardship; farming systems

• Delivery of R&D in 2010

• Engaging next generation farmers

• Water use efficiency

• Diversity of cotton farming systems and enterprises

• Economics

• Human capital – how to make the most of it

• MDBA Basin Plan

• Mining issues – pros and cons

• Industry impact/logistics of new picking technology

• Best Management Practices

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