18th Australian Cotton Conference, 2016 - Climate Risk Management Presentation

Date Issued:2017-06-30


Climate risk management one of the most important issues facing cotton growers. An international researcher of some repute was engaged to expound his expertise in this emerging field and was to be a keynote speaker in the climate risk session at the 18th Australian Cotton Conference, august 2016. Raising awareness and promoting the need to implement an appropriate climate risk strategy and extend useful tools and decision support for cotton growers and advisors - to enable better on-farm decision making.This work builds on the climate risk management undertaken in the CFEO project.

As it transpired, visa complications meant that Dr Walter Baethgen tuned into the session from the back of the room via Skype. A Cotton Conference ‘first’ saw technology play a role with an international speaker submitting a pre-recording due to complications with VISA entry requirements.

The following recording was played in the climate session in front of a capacity crowd of approximately 300: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7u5jJznUsAQ

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