2013 Grower Survey of Cotton Farming Practices & Regional Workshops to Identify Research Issues

Date Issued:2013-06-30


Information about farming practices used in cotton production, yields obtained and fibre quality are

of enormous value in planning research and extension efforts, in industry activities and in telling the

industry’s ‘story’. Without regular surveys there is relatively limited information about current

practices used on farm or changes over time. Survey findings are used to evaluate research and

development uptake and identify areas for further research to help improve cotton production.

The Cotton Growing Practices 2013 survey was conducted in late winter 2013, focusing on the 2012-

13 cotton crop.The hot, dry 2012-13 season produced the second biggest Australian cotton crop on

record with the highest yet, average yield of 10.2 bales/ha. 4.384 million bales were produced from

405,000 ha of irrigated cotton. Dry conditions restricted the dryland plantings to 36,880 ha producing

132,300 bales.

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