Attend and Present at the XXI International N workshop at the School of Agricultural, Food and Biosystems Engineering – Universidad Politecnica de Madrid

Date Issued:2023-10-17


The purpose for attending the XXI N Workshop in person was to present the key findings from the CRDC QUT Targeted N project in remote sensing for N optimisation and precision agriculture.

The key findings presented at the workshop from the project include:

  1. Vegetative Indices (VI) can estimate differences in crop N status within management zones,
  2. A multivariate approach that considers soil moisture, canopy structure and soil background reflectance is required to accurately predict leaf N, petiole NO3-N and lint yield across the entire field,
  3. Sensor comparison has found that VIs derived from Sentinel-2 provide similar results and reflectance patterns to the Crop Circle
  4. Sentinel-2 can therefore be used as a cost-effective source to estimate N status and inform N management decisions
  5. Future Farm will significantly improve the way in which soil and crop sensors are used to inform decisions about the amount and timing of N inputs to maximise productivity and profit

In 2021 I presented at INI2021 virtually and connected with Dr Jose Gabriel and Dr Jose-Luis Pancorbo from the University of Madrid. I also connected with their team during my visit to Madrid  (lead by Professor Miguel Quemada) and discussed  their research using hyperspectral band sensitivity for nitrate-N and their research using clip and handheld sensors. They are undertaking very similar research with clip sensors, however, in maize and winter wheat. We are using near infra-red sensors developed by Hone in cotton.

There was an opportunity to attend other key sessions that are important to the cotton industry. The sessions were:

  1. Remote sensing for N optimisation and precision agriculture.
  2. Costs and benefits of halving N waste by 2030
  3. N and circular economy. The role of affected stakeholders
  4. Policy Strategies for reducing N waste

The sessions all align nicely with the strategic RD&E plan goals of the CRDC. Attending and participating in the meeting exposed me to the strategies implemented internationally to tackle N waste. It also made me aware of the policy frameworks that could be implemented in Australian agriculture and the impact on our productivity as well as the role of circular economy research to assist in reducing waste.

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